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Our unique and proprietary platform will deliver your company’s ad to every matched customer (or prospect from your mailing list) concurrently as they browse any one of millions of websites. We map each targeted household to our collection of over 800 million IPs (web entry points) matched to 230+ million postal addresses – residential and business.

By matching your customer or prospect address list to their IP address, PersonaLink Digital can define the same households you’re interested in reaching. Once there, your own display ads are deployed throughout the web as they browse the Internet, without using cookies.

This greatly eliminates potential fraudulent traffic, creating a safer Internet experience for everyone. With Direct-to-IP Address targeted display advertising, you can highly personalize your ads, allowing you to connect with every target every time, at their home or work address and on any device! Unlike other programs PersonaLink Digital has a 99.8% deliverability rate.



When your customers uproot themselves and move to different locations, it becomes increasingly difficult to track their new location in order to provide them with the services you had previously offered. Each week, over 300,000 US citizens move from one postal location to another with no warning to the brands, companies and organizations that provide them with products/service that keeps those customers informed, retained, and satisfied. These recently moved consumers are lost to your marketing message and can even become susceptible to the communications of a different competitive brand.

With NuMove, we place highly targeted display ads in front of your previous customers in order for your company to remain providing them with uninterrupted messaging.

NuMove also makes it possible for you to target new customers as they move to a new service area, increasing your market share of customers who are in market for your services and products.

Statistics show that new movers are among the most valuable niche market as their spending within 3-6 months of the move are exponentially higher than other consumer segments. Take advantage of our “first-to-market” new mover file before your competition reaches them!


Serve ads to your desired audience at the sites they frequently use while at the targeted location and you can position your products and services front and center.

How It Works
Captive Audience starts by advertisers selecting locations where target populations gather, places like: sports arenas, college campuses, hotels, trade shows, conventions, airports and military bases. Then we map the IP addresses of these locations and serve targeted digital ads on websites prospects visit while at the chosen venue. We do this by analyzing billions of pieces of data (transit, transactional, and offline data) through our IP algorithm, which determines the IP addresses.

Identify Your Target Location
(Convention, Hotel, University, Stadium, etc.)

Polygon target Location to retrieve the IP Addresses in use at the location.

Set up your Captive Audience Campaign with creatives and launch!

Captive Audience Advantage

Captive Audience works because we have heuristic information on the prospects based on their location. The applications for creating a digital B2B audience are endless, and advertisers have developed new ways to use it for a broad range of audiences and industries.

Use Cases

The use-cases for a digital B2B IP targeting campaign are truly limitless. Whether you’re advertising at a competitor’s business, a business to get their attention, trade shows, events catered to students on a college campus, or sporting events at stadiums, Captive Audience makes it easy to serve to that specific business IP address and create the desired digital target audience.

To learn more about how Captive Audience can work for you, call us today at 847-897-5707!


Interested in reaching an audience who visits specific locations? College Recruitment events? Sports Enthusiasts at stadiums? Trade Show Convention Halls? Concert attendees?

Venue Replay allows you to capture people’s Device IDs at high value locations. In other words, you have the ability to capture potential consumer’s Device ID at events they attend, where they work, where they study, where they shop, all with the intent to advertise to this high value audience. This is done by using geoframing technology. By mapping the area, we can identify any devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) after they leave the venue, and continue to target them with digital banner ads at their home and across all of their devices. All of this is accomplished without the use of cookies. With Venue Replay, we can even go back in time and capture devices from events that happened up to 6 months ago. Venue Replay then attributes a likely home address of those devices seen at the chosen event. From there, we are able to target that home network with digital banner ads using our IP Targeting technology.

1. Identify Locations
Client identifies the targeted Locations, Venues and/or Points of Interest

2. Create Geo-Frames
By creating geo-frames around the target location, we can inventory devices that have browsed to an ad-supported site or app from the target location

3. Media & Serve Media
From the identified devices, we match IPs and addresses to establish a dedicated ad network/audience for targeted digital advertising

Venue Replay In Action

With Venue Replay, we see devices in a geo-frame going back six months. With the example here, a geo-frame was built around this single location and 600+ unique devices were discovered. We then further modeled this out across 1,000+ locations and competitive/complementary locations to get to a full audience.

The devices are then matched to IP and physical address where consumer data, e.g. household shown is appended to further segment for targeted advertising.

Revolutionizing Data & Targeting

When an Ad Impression is served (a digital banner or video ad loads on-screen), there are three pieces of data analyzed with the use of geoframing: the who, where, and when. We analyze the who by UDID (unique device ID), the where by geographical coordinate (latitude & longitude) of where the impression displayed, and the when by a timestamp of when the impression loaded on the screen.

The use cases for Venue Replay are endless! Some examples would include college recruitment events, convention marketing, concerts, sports marketing, ticket sales, or just connecting with your audience after an event.

To learn more about how Venue Replay can work for you, contact us today at 847-897-5707!


Are you missing an opportunity to connect with high-value prospects or customers?

You have traffic to your website but have no identifiable information about these valuable but elusive visitors.  With TruConnect, it’s possible to identify and engage these valuable visitors leveraging our unique technology and proprietary data resources!

IDENTIFY – Target People, not Pixels!
TruConnect captures and identifies your previously anonymous website visitors! Through the simple install of our unique tag on your site, we’ll retrieve, and return to you, any identified records we gather with name/postal address, opt-in email address and even MD5 hashed email address. Through TruConnect, you’ll be on your way to communicating with “known” visitors to your site, and, the frequency of the processing can be set up to meet your needs – daily, weekly, and more!

ENGAGE – Identified Visitors – Direct to the Mail Box, the Inbox and More!
TruConnect means you can now engage these prospects not only to their mailbox but also to their inbox! Through TruConnect you can choose to subscribe to opt-in email addresses of the matched visitors we identify. Timing is crucial, and now you can email a site visit within a day of their visit! But don’t stop there; leverage the data across digital and social channels!

UNDERSTAND – Identified Visitors
TruConnect can even enhance your matched visitors’ records with optional data attributes including demographics, transactional data and much more, giving you the ability to understand more about these valuable visitors and deploy more successful campaigns!  Want to know how these visitors compare to your existing customers? Let SDI perform Customer Profiling through our Analytics services!

You’re 3 Simple Steps Away From Driving Sales Through TruConnect:

  1. We assign your unique TruConnect pixel
  2. You install the pixel on your site
  3. Go Live!


TruConnect Delivers the Goods!

The Solution is Clear: Combine Transaction or Donor Data + TruConnect Intent Data = Better Results!

TruConnect is consistently matching approximately 15% of site traffic to Name and Address and even more to Opt-in Email, and you can communicate with these valuable leads within a day of their visit.

To communicate directly with your site visitors through direct mail or email, SDI’s TruConnect Website Visitor Identity Solution may be right for you.
Contact us today at 847-897-5707!

TruConnect Subscribers Say It Best:

“We’re thrilled with the results that we’re seeing with the enhanced site visitation data delivered through TruConnect. We’re seeing results indexing around 300 for $/bk. I highly recommend testing!”

Director of Circulation, Major Home Goods Catalog/Retailer

“Using TruConnect to supplement our customer mailing decisions, we regularly see greater than 50% lift in dollars per book outcomes.”

Major Home Décor Catalog

“TruConnect’s Site Visitor Identification capabilities have been very meaningful to our business. Through their data feeds, and the usage of that data, we have realized significant growth in customer retention and sales.”

Major World Travel Services

Whether your requirements are for a full service marketing database platform with integrated campaign management and reporting… or an analytics-led consulting program, SDI will develop a solution that not only addresses your needs now… it also will provide a foundation for your growth.

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