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Our unique and proprietary platform will deliver your company’s ad to every matched customer (or prospect from your mailing list) concurrently as they browse any one of millions of websites. We map each targeted household to our collection of over 800 million IPs (web entry points) matched to 230+ million postal addresses – residential and business.



By matching your customer or prospect address list to their IP address, PersonaLink Digital can define the same households you’re interested in reaching. Once there, your own display ads are deployed throughout the web as they browse the Internet, without using cookies.

This greatly eliminates potential fraudulent traffic, creating a safer Internet experience for everyone. With Direct-to-IP Address targeted display advertising, you can highly personalize your ads, allowing you to connect with every target every time, at their home or work address and on any device! Unlike other programs PersonaLink Digital has a 99.8% deliverability rate.




For every person who fills out a web form, there are five to seven people who abandon the form. Of those who abandon, there are two or three people who filled out an email address.



Most ecommerce platforms don’t have the means to capture that data, but we have a solution for that: TruForm.

With the abandoned emails we retrieve, our clients have the power to market to these users with highly converting personalized emails, and even offline via direct mail.

If our clients convert two extra people for every five to seven who abandon, the payoff would be huge. If you’re unsure about using TruForm, just try it out: we’re offering a free 30-day trial.


You can gain significant insights to your consumers by listening to social conversations, but imagine leveraging your social smarts for in-market lead generation and customer acquisition.



With SocialAim, you can pinpoint potential customers to push timely, relevant notifications directly to the social media accounts you want to reach.

SocialAim is powerful and versatile; it builds a contextual audience based on everything shared historically for up to two years across social platforms. You can find any social media user basked on their tweets, hashtags, and posts, and push precisely targeted ads and offers as personal notifications.

With SocialAim, you have the ability to boost your sales by marketing directly to consumers through their social media platforms.


Drive real-time audience interaction during events. Beacon solution for event-driven marketing. Proximity-detection solutions for advanced audience building, targeting, analytics, and attribution



Our NEW Beacon Technology allow us to build target audience segments at live events by capturing mobile device IDs via proximity-detection beacons. We are now able to target attendees at venues to drive content and alerts to mobile devices within proximity to beacons.

This technology allows us to extend the one-to-one relationship beyond the venue by following mobile device to a household postal address. Once we capture the mobile device we can establish connections with the consumer’s home internet and other mobile devices to maintain an unbreakable link between the audience and exact household. We will continue ongoing audience analytics and attribution to understand audience characteristics and behaviors for more efficient and effective marketing.


When your customers uproot themselves and move to different locations, it becomes increasingly difficult to track their new location in order to provide them with the services you had previously offered. Each week, over 300,000 US citizens move from one postal location to another with no warning to the brands, companies and organizations that provide them with products/service that keeps those customers informed, retained, and satisfied. These recently moved consumers are lost to your marketing message and can even become susceptible to the communications of a different competitive brand.




With NuMove, we place highly targeted display ads in front of your previous customers in order for your company to remain providing them with uninterrupted messaging.

NuMove also makes it possible for you to target new customers as they move to a new service area, increasing your market share of customers who are in market for your services and products.

Statistics show that new movers are among the most valuable niche market as their spending within 3-6 months of the move are exponentially higher than other consumer segments. Take advantage of our “first-to-market” new mover file before your competition reaches them!


College students are some of the most technologically savvy groups of people, who are always interested in new services, products, and brands to make the most of their university experience.




Bring your message directly to U.S. college students everywhere by displaying digital ads where students see them most. Now you can precisely target students directly in their classrooms, libraries, residence halls, or virtually anywhere they access the internet while on campus

By serving ads to students at the sites they frequently use, you can position your products and services front and center.


Retargeting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to pinpoint people actively pursuing your products and services.



With Realtime Keyword Retargeting Audience Targeting, you can add these new prospects to your audience pool for immediate targeting as people browse webpages containing your keywords and phrases, without using cookies, search entries, or browser history.

This optimizes your delivery of your marketing message immediately to these prospects with direct and personalized display ads. Even use competitive keywords, such as the company name of your competitors) as part of your campaign to deploy effective conquest ads and gain market share from your competitors!


Are you missing an opportunity to connect with high-value prospects or customers?

You have traffic to your website but have no identifiable information about these valuable but elusive visitors.  With TRUConnect, it’s possible to identify and engage these valuable visitors leveraging our unique technology and proprietary data resources!



TRUConnect puts a postal and/or email identity (through our Lightbox opt-in feature), to your previously anonymous website visitors!  Through the simple install of our snippets on your site, DNS Settings and outbound emails, we’ll retrieve the IP Address of the visitors, append and return any identified records we gather!  Through our solution, you’ll be on your way to communicating with “known” visitors to your site!  And, the frequency of the process is up to you – even in real-time!

TRUConnect means you can now engage these prospects not only digitally, through our TruTargeting Solution – direct to their IP Address with targeted and relevant ads, but also across channels including direct mail and email!  And, TRUConnect can even be used to supply data attributes for populating dynamic email, based on browse activity, directly to your ESP with our Triggered Email feature!  Leverage SDI’s List Processing Services to deploy your direct mail campaign.  When our clients include targeted digital with other channels, they see their campaign response rates soar!

TRUConnect enables you to learn more about these visitors!  SDI can secure additional demographic, transactional and other data types for customer profiling and analytics, to make the insight even more actionable.  Ask about our Customer Profiling Services!

Converting Previously Anonymous Website Visitors into Customers with TRUConnect!

Identify and Reach your Online Visitors! You want your marketing message to reach your intended targets, even those targets that were previously out of your reach – those elusive website visitors that you knew were visiting but for whom you   couldn’t identify. Imagine identifying your website visitors and connecting 1-to-1 with this highly-valuable online audience through direct mail.

With the simple installation of our unique tags, we can begin gathering site traffic and putting an identity to them when they browse your site, making it possible to communicate with these visitors through direct mail.


A major dental plan provider has long had an interest in engaging with their site visitors, beyond cookie-based digital advertising. When they learned that they could drive net new sales through our simple and easy TRUConnect solution they were eager to test! With the quick installation of our unique codes and flexible rules-based system, the publisher could reach the very visitors they were interested in reaching!


With the segment rules identified to capture 3 desired customer groups, TRUConnect matched names and postal addresses to the visitors captured, and created daily mail files for the client to send a personalized direct mail package to these valuable website visitors in these segments:

  • Cart – placed a Plan in the Cart
  • Browse – browsed a Plan
  • Visitor – visited 2+ pages of the Site


The results were dramatically successful and outperformed average direct mail responses. Response rates were as high as 3.26% and sales conversion rates topped out at 41%!

With these results, the client made the decision to roll out with this highly successful solution as an ongoing part of their marketing mix.

Whether your requirements are for a full service marketing database platform with integrated campaign management and reporting… or an analytics-led consulting program, SDI will develop a solution that not only answers your needs now… it also will provide a foundation for your growth.

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