Michael Brostoff, CEO

Michael Brostoff has over 40 years of Direct Marketing experience. He started his career working for Peat, Marwick and Mitchell & Co. In 1968 he launched Linque, providing merge/purge and personalized computer letters to businesses. Linque was sold in 1970 to Computer Software Inc. which left him free to join Creative Automation as Vice President of Sales.

After an eleven year career at Creative Automation, he decided to give ownership another try, and began Computer Strategy Coordinators, known in the industry as CSC. CSC was one of the first consulting companies specializing in data processing list strategy using merge/purge and database marketing to increase sales for clients such as AOL, Consumers Union and Vonage to name a few.

At the same time he was developing CSC he co-founded Direct Marketing Technology (DT), which became the premier data processing company in the Direct Marketing industry. DT sold in 1996 to Experian, one of the three top credit reporting agencies in the world.   Meanwhile CSC continued to be successful and was purchased by DoubleClick, Inc. in 2003.

In 2007 his entrepreneur spirit once again called to him! Michael decided it was time to start a new company that would meet a broader range of database-driven needs of businesses … and Strategic Data Intelligence, LLC opened its doors. Strategic Data Intelligence continues to provide the same direct marketing services that CSC offered, but has branched out to include proprietary Digital and Omni-Channel 1:1 marketing technology solutions among its offerings.

Michael has been married for over 45 years. He is a father of two, and grandfather to five, and is currently living in Bannockburn, Illinois.