To leverage the market’s leading data sources and analytics tools, SDI™ has created a unique analytics system designed to improve the success of your marketing initiatives. DataLink taps into a leading proprietary database comprised of millions of consumers across the country and their associated demographics, interests, purchase behavior, location, and more. With DataLink, we can efficiently build a detailed profile of your customers, which you can swiftly use to guide your marketing decisions.

In addition, DataLink’s offerings include data enhancement for advanced segmentation strategy, analytics studies such as Lifetime Value, Customer Profiling and more.

DataLink can be used to significantly improve your marketing campaigns in the most effective way possible, using a custom model designed to take the guesswork out of your strategy and increase your campaign responses. DataLink’s custom models are built specific to your needs and can include Trade Area Definitions, Next Best Product, Acquisition, Retention, Attrition and more.


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You can use DataLink to significantly improve your marketing campaigns in the most effective way possible.

Whether its simple data enhancement, studying a complete customer profile with strategic recommendations, or a custom-designed model, DataLink bridges the gap between your customers’ data and actionable insight, while actually providing useful information about your customers. And, our model scoring can be calculated inline during your marketing database update for ultimate efficiency!

Whether your requirements are for a full service marketing database platform with integrated campaign management and reporting… or an analytics-led consulting program, we will develop a solution that not only addresses your needs now… it also will provide a foundation for your growth.

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