Need to improve campaign performance and profitability? If you’re experiencing a less-than-satisfying response to your mail or email campaigns, you owe it to yourself to explore Data Management solutions by Strategic Data Intelligence.


Your customer file is likely generated through a variety of data types and sources from their purchases and transactions to promotion history, response data and more. Through our data integration, database development and other data management services, we can break down the silos, organize the data and make it accessible to you for insightful campaign selections, analysis and more effective marketing promotions.


Get a 360 degree view of your customers
Enjoy more profitable direct marketing programs

SDI™ Marketing Database Development

Through a marketing database designed and developed by SDI™ to meet your business needs, you’ll gain a 360-degree view of your customers. Through our data integration the silos are eliminated, allowing you to access your data for more effective marketing campaigns, reporting and analysis.

Gain insight, drive sales and improve customer retention with your new marketing database!

SDI™ Data Enhancement Assets to Drive Insight, Analysis and Acquisition Efforts

Consumer Data: Over 1 billion consumer records available, including demographic, lifestyle, transactional, email, phone and more, including the following attributes:

  • 1B+ Offline/Online Identifiers

  • 254MM Consumers, 115MM Households

  • 390MM distinct hashed emails tied to PII – unique to our offering

  • 294MM MAIDs tied to a hashed email address – unique to our offering

  • Transactional purchase data tied to over 162MM individuals with full PII

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Firmagraphic Data: 13+million business records available, including standard firmagraphics plus corporate hierarchy, contact names and titles, sales volumes and much more.

SDI™ Advanced List Hygiene/Merge-Purge to Increase your ROI

You’re facing higher demands than ever with your direct marketing program, including increased postage and printing costs, tight deadlines and more.


So correcting and enhancing addresses, along with accurately eliminating duplicate records, is imperative to your bottom line.

• Duplicate Identification
• Matching Individuals to a Household or Company Level
• Processing Consumer and Business Records in the Same Run

… all in an expedited cycle, reducing your time to market!

Whether your requirements are for a full service marketing database platform with integrated campaign management and reporting… or an analytics-led consulting program, we will develop a solution that not only addresses your needs now… it also will provide a foundation for your growth.

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