PersonaLink unlocks the power and value of your data and optimizes your customer communication process by leveraging your customer’s data – plus 3rd party data if needed – in order to personalize each and every communication to each and every customer. Our sophisticated decision engine targets specific rules/selection criteria to the customers and pulls the relevant content/offers from the integrated creative library into the communication piece. This process results in individually tailored variations of your company’s communication to each recipient, every time.

This uniquely developed system enables you to produce communications and campaigns across any channel, created individually for each customer or prospect by targeting specific criteria. PersonaLink offers the next dimension in relationship marketing by enabling directly targeted offers to specific and individual customers based on their interests, preferences, purchase behavior and characteristics.

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PersonaLink’s engine executes multitudes of matching algorithms and relational connections in little to no time, ready for production and application.

Marketers and entrepreneurs like yourself are using PersonaLink right now to engage with their customers in an innovative and powerful way, enforcing their brand, driving their sales, and gaining a competitive edge.

Whether your requirements are for a full service marketing database platform with integrated campaign management and reporting… or an analytics-led consulting program, we will develop a solution that not only addresses your needs now… it also will provide a foundation for your growth.

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