Exact Location Digital Marketing

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• Precisely connect offline and online data in a one-to-one relationship.

• Find real people online at a selected location.

• Reach the same people with digital and offline marketing.

Why Beacons for Events?


Beacons are small wireless devices that broadcast and receive radio signals using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Beacons can exchange information in real time with mobile devices to capture and engage people within range.

Beacon-captured mobile device data can be linked to other key digital touchpoints and to exact household street address.

Why TruTargeting for Events?

TruTargeting connects you one-to-one with attendees at an exact household long after the event.

How Do We Keep You Connected?



TruTargeting links a single postal address to its online identifiers to create a continuous link to your target.

TruTargeting Technology

TruTargeting Technology


Mapping Digital Touchpoints to Exact Physical Locations

Our patented system pulls key information from multiple data sources, correlating diverse relationships to construct precise, cross-touchpoint consumer intelligence engineered to find, engage, and convert real people everywhere they are.

TruTargeting Event Marketing

Our Precision is Your Edge…

• Build target audience segments at live events by capturing mobile device IDs via proximity-detection beacons

• Target attendees at venue to drive content and alerts to mobile devices within proximity to beacons

• Extend one-to-one relationship beyond venue by following mobile device to household postal address

• Establish connections with home internet and other mobile devices to maintain unbreakable link between audience and exact household

• Conduct ongoing audience analytics and attribution to understand audience characteristics and behaviors for more efficient and effective marketing



Precise audience building and targeting allow companies to connect one-to-one with only valued audiences wherever they spend their time and money.


Precise audience analytics and attribution allow companies to better understand how valued audiences spend their time and money to improve marketing results.


Precision proximity-detection beacons allow event marketers to interact personally with attendees by triggering location-specific content and alerts on their mobile devices.


Precision connection to attendees allows marketers to remain linked to beacon-captured mobile devices upon leaving a venue and to establish new online and offline connections.


Exact Location Unifies Real and Digital Worlds

1. Offer attendees personalized experiences and gamification delivering relevant content, meet-up opportunities, and promotional rewards.

2. Collect detailed tracking information about event-goers and build richly informed audience profiles based on decades of offline household data.

3. Deploy true cross-channel marketing by staying connected to event-goers anywhere, anytime, on any device (mobile, email, social, display, and postal).

4. Profile, model, and discover new customers based on behavior, demo, interest, and other attributes.

5. Track and connect cross-channel consumer behavior to attribute campaign performance to audiences beyond event venue.