Strategic Data Intelligence (SDI) has recently completed a Digital Campaign reaching the high-value College Market with our proprietary and unique solution, PersonaLink Digital, for a major corporation in the entertainment industry. Having a goal of expanding reach and awareness among the U.S. college audience, the results exceeded the client’s expectations. Achieving a Click-through Rate 100% above industry average, we’re now expanding into additional U.S. markets for this client.

PersonaLink Digital is SDI’s proprietary, and patented technology solution that enables Direct-to-IP Address targeted display advertising. With 17 patents, PersonaLink Digital is the only solution to bridge the gap between IP Address and U.S. Postal Address, and eliminates all fraudulent click activity, optimizing the media spend and ensuring the intended recipient receives the ad. Clients can target their own customers or prospects with display advertising as well as leverage our solution to create niche audiences, such as the college audience, new movers, location-centric audiences and more. Call 847-897-5707 today to learn more.