Identify and Reach your Online Visitors! You want your marketing message to reach your intended targets, even those targets that were previously out of your reach – those elusive website visitors that you knew were visiting but for whom you  couldn’t identify. Imagine identifying your website visitors and connecting 1-to-1 with this highly-valuable online audience through direct mail.

With the simple installation of our unique tags, we can begin gathering site traffic and putting an identity to them when they browse your site, making it possible to communicate with these visitors through direct mail.

TRUConnect was leveraged by a major dental plan provider to mail specific Visitor segments on a daily frequency and achieved phenomenal results!


A major dental plan provider has long had an interest in engaging with their site visitors, beyond cookie-based digital advertising. When they learned that they could drive net new sales through our simple and easy TRUConnect solution they were eager to test! With the quick installation of our unique codes and flexible rules-based system, the publisher could reach the very visitors they were interested in reaching!


With the segment rules identified to capture 3 desired customer groups, TRUConnect matched names and postal addresses to the visitors captured, and created daily mail files for the client to send a personalized direct mail package to these valuable website visitors in these segments:

  • Cart – placed a Plan in the Cart
  • Browse – browsed a Plan
  • Visitor – visited 2+ pages of the Site


The results were dramatically successful and outperformed average direct mail responses. Response rates were as high as 3.26% and sales conversion rates topped out at 41%!

With these results, the client made the decision to roll out with this highly successful solution as an ongoing part of their marketing mix.

To find out how to convert your website visitors to buyers, call Strategic Data Intelligence at 847-897-5709 today!